Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long Overdue Update

So yeah, I used to do this thing called 'blogging' a lot. And then somethings happened and well, some sacrifices had to be made and things got neglected. This blog being one of them. I doubt I'll ever stop blogging completely but the fact of the matter is will come in waves, as it always has. Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about those two little kiddos that I know ya'll adore.

You might remember me saying awhile back that sometime in Nov. Miss Addison would have to sit for an evaluation to determine if she qualified for the transition into Early Intervention's Preschool Program (not the same preschool that she's been attending once a week with Blake). Well we had that eval and ... SHE NO LONGER QUALIFIES FOR ANY EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES!!!! After 2.5 years of therapy anywhere from once to three or more times a week, we are done. That chapter is closed.

The evaluators could not say enough positive things about her development. We've once again been reminded that we are one of the lucky ones. Addison falls developmental in line with the average peers her age! This is so huge for us. They told us that it is nothing short of remarkable given her history that she is doing so well. They would have never expected it. A miracle indeed.

I admit it. I teared up. It's bittersweet and a very proud moment.

They are both talking up a storm and I gotta admit, I am a whole lot scared that my children are going to be way smarter then I am. Don't get me wrong, that's a great thing and honestly I can only hope they are, but it worries me. Because of the fact that they will (and maybe already have) out smart me and always have one up on me. The things that come out of their mouths have left me very speechless on a number of occasions.

We're also still in the terrible 2's or almost 3's, but we're hanging in there. Naps are scarce, when it happens it's either in the car or they pass out on the couch while watching Mickey.

Look forward to some Christmas festivities coming up soon, and more on what's been going on with us. <3