Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need to post more often...

Yup you read that right. I really need to post more often.

Something about twins at home and doctor's appointments, therapists, bottles, diapers and laundry keeps me pretty busy.

So where are we now...

The twins are now 9 (almost 10...OMG 10) months old. Both are doing pretty...great! Addison is on the growth chart 25% for actual age. Blake is still a little behind but gainning and growing so that counts for a whole lot.

Blake now eats 3 solid food meals a day and will take 2 or 3 bottles for me if I am lucky. Addison is still g-tube fed and depending on her mood will eat a tablespoon of baby cereal at a time for me. Her feeding skills are a work in progress but we are getting there and she is trying very hard I can't ask for more.

Recently (like today) we went to visit our friend from Philly, she too has a preemie. She was actually due 3 days after me but her little guy decided he'd arrive a month after the twins. It was a great day for a drive and to hang out with her, her son and hubby. They are some pretty awesome people (Hi, Stephanie!) and I am soo very glad that we became friends.

I'll have to update with some pictures soon (as in SQUEELLLLL, CHRISTMAS PICTURES!!!) but I insist that must wait for December, and probably after we (gasp) move.... gulp. Less then two weeks until we move.

One positive is that we've already got our tree and all the Christmas decorations will me moved first so we can put it all up.