Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's been going on?

Well, you know. The usual. Doctor's visits, OT and PT and lots of practicing our newest skills. In the past two months Blake has learned to say "Mama" "Dada" "Nana" "PopPop" "Sissy" "Adda" "Go" and "ByeBye". They are both crawling like crazy and Blake enjoys his new found mobility and being able to get into anything and everything. Addison is still more content hanging back and taking it all in. They are both working on "pull to stand" (Blake has it mastered and is now cruising around the furniture). Addison's biggest accomplishment thus far has been really taking off with eating and drinking. Still not anywhere near where she needs to be to cut back tube feedings but has certainly made HUGE progress. Just in time off surgery. That's right, surgery. A few months ago she was really struggling with eating, and we got an earlier appointment with her Celft Palate surgeon to discuss options, we all agreed it was time to move forward. So that happens this week. My beautiful, smart, strong baby girl will be under going her SECOND surgery. I am terrified. Last time she struggled so bad post op and that scares me. Her Ped met with us Saturday for her Pre-op and after talking with him, he did ease a lot of my fears. But I am her Mom, I am going to worry sick until she is back home with us. I am also worried about Blake because she loves his big sister. ALOT. And notices when she isn't around etc. this is going to be hard on us all. She could be in the hospital for 24-48 hours minimum. And one of us MUST stay with her at all times (other then during the procedure of course), not a bad thing, but it will cause some juggling around here for sure. My mom is taking Blake duty for the first two days and Jake will be doing overnights with Blake while I stay with Addison, atleast that is the plan. Have I mentioned how much I hate hospitals? Ironic huh? I keep repeating "this is just a speed bump". But I am still worrying, putting trust in God and believing that he will guide the surgeons hands and perform yet another miracle on our little girl.