About Me

Just your not so typical twenty something stay at home twin momma & wife. A Pennsylvania transplant, born and bred in Maryland with blood that runs from the mountains of West Virginia to the hollers in Kentucky. Learning to transition from a former Infertile turned Preemie/NICU Mom, to a mom of Toddlers (say what?). 

This is my first attempt at blogging; a journey that started here - in the throws of the NICU when our twins arrived 14 weeks early at just 26 weeks, weighing less then two pounds each. A blog that started out as a way to keep all our friends and family updated on what was happening in the NICU and quickly transitioned a blog about our life with me as a stay at home home, a husband who works a lot of long hours and a family just trying to make every moment count. 

In my spare time (haha!) I can usually be found curled up with a good book or hiding in the bathroom for just a moment of peace. I am currently also taking a journey to a better/healthier me which I've been documenting here as well. I enjoy both Ravens and Titans football, country music, bonfires and doing anything that will make my kids smile; even if that means doing The Hotdog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Yep I am that mom. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, I am loyal to a fault but don't stand for nonsense. 

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