Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh The Things They Will Do...

THIS... has been a few snapshots of my life from the past few days.

I've witnessed some of the sweetest conversations:

Blake: "Need help Sissy?"
Addison: "Ahhhhhh"
Blake: "No cry Sissy. I got you."

Have been witnessing their independence:

Me: "Where'd Addison go?"
Addison: "In kitchen MOMMA!"
Addison: "I GOT IT!" As she handles whatever it is lol.

And this:

Poor Addison woke up with these horribly red cheeks. No fever, acting normal, no other symptoms.
I am torn between dry/chapped skin and some kind of virus. So for now, I'm lathering her up with moisturizing stuff and watching it. It doesn't seem to bother her in the least.

I call this Potty Training Twins 101.
Note: We aren't actually working on Potty Training yet, but ... 
I was trying to cook dinner when this happened. 

These two were from after breakfast when I got a formal request to "Draw Peeessee"
As you can tell they are very focused.

Here's lovely Miss Addi working on her fine motor skills while enjoying her lunch.
In days/weeks past she has been a Mac & Cheese protester, but today she was all about it.

And probably my favorite, just after bath time. I call this the double team.
I am brushing Blake's teeth and she unrolls the TP. Well played Addison, well played.
I also love the innocent look on her face like somehow this is just not her fault.
And I should also mention that this is NOT the first time I've had to try and get all that rolled back up.

It just amazes me, the things thing come up with and know how to do. And the things they find entertaining...Though I think we need to work on that (unrolling TP = not fun) lol. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. Not a single minute. 

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