Tuesday, July 19, 2011

153 days....

That's how long it took to FINALLY have both babies home, under one roof, in our house...

The short version... After 4 years of marriage, 3 years of Infertility, 1 IVF cycle, 6 weeks of bedrest, Twins born 14 weeks early, 153 days in the NICU we are finally a "at home" family of 4!!!!!

God answers prayers, not always the answers we want but He makes miracles happen!

Our first night at home, Addison slept the whole night and we were so relieved that I think we might have had the best night of sleep ever, even if we had to wake up twice to feed Blake. The feeling of snuggling in our bed the next morning with these two...PRICELESS!

Coming home! (Outfit from our angel buddy CJ)