Sunday, June 5, 2011

I thought things were going to get better here...

(At the new hospital that is) But sadly they haven't. Addison has been there for a week now and we are no closer to surgery then we were the day she was admitted. They wanted first to try stomach feeds again. She tolerated those well for a little bit (a day or two tops) then she started have episodes where milk would come out of her nose/mouth, so they upped her Prevacid dose for 24 hours. Then they decide lets stop her Prevacid all together in preparation for her pH study (to measure the amount/times of reflux), since then she has began vomiting (another sure fire sign of reflux), so what do they decide to do? Move her feeding tube back to OJ for today and then they will move it back to her stomach tomorrow for 24 hours to do the pH study and then they will decide if she needs the Nissin.

Seriously? I am think she has clearly demonstrated the need for the surgery. Move on and quit dragging your feet. I am sick of this, beyond sick of it. I am ready to have her home and on the way to recovery. And what's better is we have asked several times to speak with the surgeons who will be doing her surgery, they refuse to consult or talk to us until "we know for sure she needs the surgery" and are saying that won't happen until the end of this week possibly. So yet another week will go by and no progress. And honestly I think the surgeons should be speaking to us now so that if, there seems to be no doubt in my mind, she needs the surgery we as her parents can have some time to think about it and make the best decision for her.

And as usual everything changes with a change in Attendings. Weekends are usually the worse unless Dr. B is working, she likes to "shake things up" as she puts it, but honestly its the only time Addison makes progress on the weekends.

Well I am off to shower and head to the hospital to visit baby girl and talk to these doctors once more. Maybe today someone will be willing to listen and get the ball rolling.

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