Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home sweet home...

Yup that's right Blake arrived home on Friday 5/26/2011... exactly 9 months to the day that he took life via IVF. Not many people can say that. My original due date was this past Monday 5/23/2011, so he came home "right on time".  He is loving life and enjoys keeping Mommy and Daddy awake from 12am - 3am nightly. He's not a screamer and is content 24-7, he just likes to "talk"...other then that he sleeps well at night and pretty much has to be woke up to eat after 9 pm. We get some good wake times with him throughout the day too. So far his favorite hobby is snuggling and checking out the animals. We had our first visit with our home health nurse today and she gave us a good report, he is still gaining weight and all of his measurements are on track. He's now 19 1/2 inches tall and 8lbs, 9ozs! Oh and he took a massive pee all down my shirt today when I was carrying him over to the sink for bath time.

Addison is settling in well at her temporary home too. Hopefully it wont be much longer before she joins her brother at our home.  Doctors are saying she will need surgery and a g-tube for her reflux. We are hoping that this will take place in the next week so that her Daddy can be there and not have to miss much more time from work because he wants to be home with us when she is finally discharged. She is still wowing her medical team and is offically 7 lbs, 3 ozs! My how far we've come. Today they moved her in to her own "private" suite. Due to her testing positive for MSSA/MRSA she is in isolation. Originally she was rooming in with another little guy with the same situation but they had some space and moved her into her own room so things won't be so crowded when we visit. Our first visit with Blake was though and cramped but we managed. Hopefully our next visit will go better.

I thought NICU life with two babies at the hospital was hard, but I am pretty sure this is harder (or atleast presents its own challanges). We will figure it all out though and I am sure the minute we get the hang of things Addison will be home and we will be adjusting all over again.

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