Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day!

"Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins." - Joyce Allston

A very Happy Grandparents Day to our babies grandparents and great grandma (Mom-Mom, my Grandmother.) Each of them holds a special place in our hearts and have done so much in the last two years for us and our babies. We couldn't have made it without them. (Fun fact: It was Grandparents Day 2010 that we revealed that we were pregnant to our parents...different "date" but same "day", more on to come in a later post.)

My own Mom-Mom, a woman who helped raise me and mold me into all that I am. Wise and graceful, full of elegance and charm. She is strong, courageous and brave. And if you'd see her interact with her great-grandbabies you would swear she wasn't a day over 30. I love watching her sit down on the floor and play cars or babies or showing them how to make their toys play music. Or when she sits them on her lap and them climb all over her, and lets not forget those tender moments when they snuggle up with her and take a cat nap (or pretend to snore, because she showed them how). I'll never forget the joy in her eyes when she witnesses them do something new for the first time. The pride in her grandchildren and great grandchildren is always clear. Blessed beyond measure to have her in my life still and glad that our children have gotten to know her as well.

Jake's parents, Grammy and Pop-Pop. Two years ago we handed them a card on Grandparents Day, I think they half heartedly thought it was from their furry grandbabies, but SURPRISE, it was signed "Grandbaby " little did we know a year later their cards would read Grandbabies! Addison and Blake. Instantly they were placing bets on one baby or two, a boy, a girl, one of each and they have loved these two ever since. They way Addison and Blake smile when they walk in. The sly look Blake gives his Grammy, knowing he is about to get away with whatever it is he is plotting. The way Addison lights up whenever her Pop-Pop is near. How they sing them songs, or read them books and speak of days when Jake was younger and just how much Mr. Blake is like his Daddy. Lets just say we are in TROUBLE ;) if he follows his daddy's ways lol. You can tell that Addison and Blake are their pride and joy, especially when you make a surprise visit to Pop-pop's work and his co-workers know all about them, or his boss sends them shirts from the beach, or when you meet one of Grammy's long time friends for the first time who knows all about them too. They are loved, and as a child who grew up with only one set of Grandparents and Great Grandma, I never take a moment for granted. My babies are blessed to know their daddy's parents for sure.

My own mom and my stepdad, Nana and Pappy. How Blake and his Pappy are always into something and building forts in the living room or playing with a talking parrot on his cell phone. And how they both love Nana, in fact often Blake request "I talk Nana" and takes my phone. He does not give in until he hears her voice on the other end of the phone. I am pretty sure the biggest reason Blake loves his Nana is because of her ability to "Rock-a-bye-Blakey". One thing is for sure, whenever Nana and Pappy are around there is fun for Addison and Blake to have. I have to admit I am a little scared for all tech toys they will both want because "Pappy has one". That is ofcourse when Blake conquers his fear of things that move and make noise or when Addison understands that she is a little bit too big to ride on top of a remote control car. Things could have been a lot different but we are blessed to have them both in our babies lives too.

To all the grandparents out there, may you all know what a blessing you are to your grandchildren.

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