Monday, September 3, 2012

The State Fair!

We spent our Labor Day at the fair thanks to our friend C & Z who gave us two free tickets in return for spending a fun filled day with them :) And that we certainly did. This was Addison & Blake's first trip to the fair and it's always so exciting to see things thru their eyes for the first time.

We arrived not long after the fair opened for the day and the first encounter of the day was with the cows...

This lovely cow right here provided Blake and Addison a first hand experience of "what does a cow say" by
Moooooo-ing at me. Apparently she did not want her photo taken and did not mind telling me about  it.

Next we were off to see the rest of the animals including the goats (I love goats and promise one day I will have one, I can't explain this but I'd have a farm if I could.) Addison was excited to pet the goat, Blake....yeah not so much.

After this we were off to watch the bigger kids ride some rides, that lasted all of a few short minutes when this happened...

There is a space over near that big "wheel" looking ride, yeah that's where we were, under a game tent trying to take cover when we were informed that they need to collapse the tent and we needed to make a run for shelter. Thankfully one of the exhibition halls was open and had some room. We got to look at the Christmas trees in the middle of possibly one of the last Summer rains.

So we waited, and waited a little longer. Finally the rain broke and the sun even made an appearance. We grabbed a quick snack and a drink and headed off to the rides again. It was at this point that Z had convinced us that Addison and Blake really needed to get on a kiddie ride, because ya know... why not?

Several ride tickets later here we are on the Tea Cups with Little Z & his cousin. Poor Blake was scared but kept repeated "I ooooooo taaaaaayyyyy," through his tears because Little Z kept telling him "It's ok Blake really dont be scared."

Please note the ride was not actually moving in this picture, Blake spent the whole ride in my lap/arms screaming. We were still trying to fit all out butts in the seats here.

I think all the excitement wore Addison out after that, so she decided she'd just take a nap.

By the time she woke up we were ready for lunch so we stopped to eat, checked out a few more exhibits and then it was time for the funnel cake. This is one of Addison's favorite foods apparently.

It was after they shared a funnel cake that I captured this precious moment that just melts my heart.

Here's a group shot of all the kiddos (poor B tuckered out by this point)...

Lucky for us, we made it to the car before it starting drizzling again and then ofcourse it started down pouring again. But atleast we were in the car this time lol.

I have to say we all really enjoyed our adventure today. I expected both babies to be asleep in the car but Blake preferred to watch the rain and talk to us (I am sure he was telling us all about how much fun he had.) Addison could be heard sawing logs (she must take after her NANA lol).

Thank you C & Zach again for inviting us along. We had a blast despite the rain, even that was pretty comical.

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