Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Picking...

What a better way to spend the day then picking your own fresh apples?

Apple pickin' is serious business...

I want that one...

And this one too..

Blake and his peck of apples

They had red apples too

Enjoying the tractor ride to the orchards

And what's a little apple pickin' with out tasting?

Addison loved the tractor ride and screamed "Wheee" the whole way to the orchard. Blake wasn't thrilled about it but he tolerated it. As soon as we got to the orchard though he demanded "I gonna walk." And "Apples. Apples." It was a nice and peaceful little adventure just the four of us. The weather was great, and we are aready planning to return to this farm on schedule to pick more fruits in season. Pumpkins are up next and then come spring it's berries and peaches!!!! I can't wait to take Blake berry picking. They might have to weight Blake before we leave though because I am sure he can eat his weight in berries.

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