Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moving On Up....

(North that is).... That's right. We relocated, AGAIN. But this time hopefully for awhile longer. We found a cute house that has room for us to grow (and accommodate all those wonderful TODDLER must haves) just between Gettysburg and Lancaster, its absolutely perfect. We can spend our mornings eating breakfast while watching deer frolic just past our back yard and come night a calm passes over the town. Country living at its  finest.

With this move has come a cost though... currently we have very limited internet access, hence the lack of blog posts. Promise you wont forget about us. Just as soon as we can find a good solution I promise we'll be back to the regular posting.

So since my last post Addison is officially off and walking aka running and she has finally started to stand up and walk from the middle of the floor. Blake is learning all sorts of new words and recently told me "Not the boss." Yes my almost two year old (HOLY COW) told me I am not the boss. I am going to have my hands full. He is also learning lots of animal sounds and can "read" picture books to me by naming animals and things. Addison is taking cues from him and using words and signs to communicate with us more and more. She recently has learned "drink" and will use it when we are working on eating and she needs a drink to help clear her mouth.

As far as eating goes...I don't want to spoil things or jinx them so lets just say we are off and running again and making some HUGE progress. We'll leave it at that for now. But after a very in depth conversation with her Ped we made some decisions and changed the game plan. We'll see how it goes and see what GI has to say in December.

At her last Ped appt he also mentioned concern about Addison's left eye drifting inward. I called her eye doctor and was told she couldn't be seen until Feb so I made a few more calls and found another doctor here in near our new place who can see her next week. Ironically enough the "new" eye doctor did her residency etc at both Mercy and UMMC where we are allllllll too familiar. It's like it was meant to be. Her office staff was amazing on the phone so we'll see how our first visit goes. Hopefully it won't be anything too serious and we can just keep an eye on it for now.

I think that's all I've got for now. Looking forward to getting some pictures uploaded at some point so you can all see those adorable faces again.

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