Thursday, October 4, 2012

Miss Us Much??

Sorry I know it's been over a week or more since my last post. Things got a little busy around here, and I lost my camera...DOH. Pretty sure I know where it is but, it's not within reach right now. So until then, it will be "crappy camera phone photos", sorry  in advance.

First off, send some prayers for my father in law "Pop-pop". He had to have surgery on Monday and has a rough recovery ahead of him. He is doing well all things considered and was very pleased with a visit from his grandbabies earlier today. Pray that he comes home soon, and also say a prayer for my mother in law "Grammy" that she can keep right on going and continue to do an amazing job taking care of him. I know she is anxious to get him back home too.

Second, there is something else in the works that I will not share right now :p But it will be keeping my busy off and on for the next few weeks until Dec or a little after. Yes that's right you will have to wait close to two months to find out this little secret. And if you do know...shhh... don't tell :) I will say this, we are very excited about this new beginning of sorts and seeing where this leads.

In the meantime, here's what we have been up too ...

For literally ONE day it got cool enough for hoodies and sweats...

We went to Pirate Day storytime

Went to a fall festival ...

Where Grammy bought us pumpkins to paint

And they got to pet a pony.

I love this pic. Blake's face is priceless! If only we knew what he was saying.

The fall festival overlooked a river where my dad and I once spent days fishing. As many know he passed away 5 years ago on Oct 2nd. As we were leaving the festival a butterfly flew by. Chinese legend believes butterflies are a sign of "long life" and the Greek believe its the spirit of a person who has passed. In any event, it took my breath away and gave me a peace that I was looking for. He was there to let me know it would all be ok. He knew the matters of my heart. <3

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