Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting Out the Storm...

Last year we had our babies both home from the NICU for a little over a month when Hurricane Irene made her way inland and threatened many. I remember begin relieved because we were in a basement apartment but terrified because "what if it floods" "what if we loose power, will we have enough O2 for Blake power comes back on" "what if Addison's feeding pump looses charge" "what if we run out of water", the list went on and on.

This year the babies are toddlers and they need so much "more" and "less" and Hurricane Sandy takes landfall. The worry is still there but for a million different reasons, and makes me sometimes wonder if we are really truly prepared. We have a basement where we will take refuge if need be. I am keeping everything I can charged in the event we loose power. We made sure we had extra food on hand, etc. Unless things change dramatically, it's anticipated that Jake should be home with us during the worst of it which makes me feel a lot safer.

Blake will no doubt be sad that we cannot go "bye-bye's", so I am also sure our days will be filled with lots of crafts and "let's not go crazy" games. Hopefully power remains on so that we aren't stumbling around in the dark either. Either way... here goes nothing.

Still there are many others that need our prayers. Those service workers who will be out there doing damage control, safety patrol, restoring power and fixing damage in the days to come. It's no doubt that many people have been and will be effected by this hurricane. Let's pray we all are able to weather this storm and remain safe. May our family and friends remain safe during this too.

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