Monday, July 15, 2013

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The thing about blogging is that - well sometimes life happens and somethings get pushed to the side. I won't promise it won't happen again. But for now, lets catch up!

Since I last posted one toddler decided to attempt a climb out of her crib. And almost made it. So this happened...I cried a little. They did not. I also took it as an opportunity to create a toddler/big kid room for them since we never really got to have an official nursery and when we moved here we just worked with what was already going on in their room. I am happy with it and they are in their Disney glory.

Its rained or been gloomy here for a few days off and on. I snapped this one of Blake after he got huffy that he couldn't go play in the pool in the rain. Poor kiddo.

This one might also be a fav... EYE <3 U! ;)

And ofcourse Princess Addison enjoying the kiddie pool on 4th of July. She cracks me up!

In a nutshell... We've all been super busy. I've even missed some gym time (and still debating what to do about that situation as I mentioned in my previous post) but it's super busy and I've still stayed pretty active. We'll see how this next week goes!

Coming up on the blog : Our mini vacation to the beach. Check back soon because you won't want to miss this!

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