Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best Day of My Life

No it's not the day I got married (though that comes pretty close). No it's not the day we found out we were pregnant (probably a close second or third). IT'S THE DAY WE BROUGHT ADDISON HOME!!! That day happened two years ago today!

After a long grueling 153 days in the NICU when we wondered and worried about things no parent should ever have to face, we walked out the door with not one baby but TWO.

Bringing Blake home on May 26th 2011 was by far a great day as well, but this day stands alone in it's own right. It was THE MOMENT we waited and fought for since seeing two pink lines and two heartbeats. Our family was finally together all under one roof. I'll never forget laying down that night and staring at a monitor screen this time not one with beeps and numbers, but the video monitor showing two babies in their cribs sleeping. I didn't sleep much but it was worth it. We were both in all our glory. Knowing the next morning we wouldn't have to get dressed and drive anywhere to see our babies. They were home, together, where they belonged. As Hubby often says, "Our world hasn't been the same since."

In the last two years we've laughed, cried, worried even more. But more then that we've continued to watch miracles unfold. We brought home a baby girl with a feeding tube, a feeding pump, a Cleft Palate, and major sensory issues. Today we've got a happy two year old girl who rules our world (with the help of her brother), one who can on any given day eat any teenage boy to shame. No more "bells and whistles". She's conquered surgery after surgery and came out on top. I don't think there is anything she cannot/won't do.

Last year this day for me was a new beginning of sorts. Many talk about first birthdays post NICU being the turning point, where you can breath that sigh of relief. The emotions of it all lifts just a little once you get past all the recaps and flashbacks. And it's true their first birthday did bring a lot of closure. But it wasn't until this day that I felt like we had really "made" it. It was the day that marked the end of all the "firsts" where special days were concerned. This was in a way where happiness began. I still have moments where it can be hard or I'll look back and get overwhelmed. But it does get better. This year, my feelings are so different then they were this time last year. We've come so far since then. And I am thankful for that.

Each year we planned to celebrate their "Happy Homecoming Days" in some way. A way to remember how far they've come and celebrate the life we've been given, and this year is no different. We'll smother her with love and thanks for all that she is and all that she will be. Happy Homecoming Day my sweet princess.

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