Friday, August 2, 2013

Fitness Friday

So it's been awhile since I've done one of these. And well the truth is, I've avoided it because - I've been struggling with the same pound and a half for a few weeks now, and I won't lie, I've really felt discouraged by it. Yeah there is that whole "muscle weighs more then fat" theory, and I am not questioning it. And my clothes are fitting different, but - the scale isn't moving.

Ok well that's a lie. Last week it moved down, and I was so excited. Then I started going to BodyWorks class (think cardio and weights all in one) and it went back up, and then it didn't budge. Yeah I really shouldn't let my mood hinder on the scale, but what woman doesn't? I am working on it. And I've switched my focus and changed some things up. Truth is I haven't had a really good weight lifting/strength training routine. So far I've made it to ONE BodyWorks class a week, then I usually do Zumba one or two days and two more days of strength/weights on my own.

I will say this. This week alone, I have felt like I have done better at the gym then any other week thus far. I think I really have a good grip on working out now so that's a plus. I do want to hit up more then one BodyWorks class a week, but the times are all funky and that's the biggest reason why I've not been able to make it to more then one. But for the first time in a long time, I feel ACTIVE, and that's pretty huge for me. After today I'd say I am feeling much much much better.

Currently I am down 19 pounds - 6 pounds from my pre baby weight, which I've now made my next goal. And I need some new workout pants. I can make due with the shirts, but the pants are getting a little too baggy and/or I can't keep them up. That's progress!

I did think this was worth sharing though. Right is March, Left is today.

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