Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

It's been awhile but I thought our adoring fans would appreciate a glimpse at these cuties again... 
Addison loves making faces in my camera phone. I usually end up laughing at her selfies.

She also likes to encourage me to do leg lifts "Up, Down" she tells me. 
Blake has taken over my iPad. He enjoys playing Bloons and looking thru the pictures. Clearly it makes him very happy.
Again with the funny faces. I love this one.
Daddy teaching Blake to hit a baseball. He caught on quick. "Put the ball on the t and swing."
He's been so smiley lately. 
Mommy's boy.
She thinks she is just so adorable (because she is!) But here she was singing.

We're all still here and doing well. Summer is coming to a close and life should be returning to the cool weather usual.

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