Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday

I have officially hit 20 pounds LOST. Super excited about that and feeling really proud, because I know I've earned every single ounce of that lost.

I bought a fat analyzer finally! If you are looking for one, THIS one came highly recommended to me and it's what I ended up going with. So far I love it. Why a fat analyzer you ask? Because for me it's one more way to see my progress. I wish I had made this purchase sooner though so I could see where I started. As I gain muscle, the body fat % will decrease, and as I loose weight the BMI will go down. It's an even better judge then the scale especially with all the strength training I am doing now.

I am still loosing an inch to half and inch all over which is pretty awesome too. I am really starting to see a difference in my body shape and the way my clothes are fitting, and I am noticing some muscle and toning going on. The hubby actually laughed at me last night because I felt something weird on my mid section and it "flexed" as I moved in certain directions. Yeah those things are called muscles. There might just be hope for a six pack after all :)

Last Friday I mentioned how I felt like I finally had a grip on things, found a better "routine" and was really digging in and focused. It felt great. And this week feels even better. My diet has improved dramatically over the last week and I've seen more gym days this week. I was very proud that I took time to make it to the gym this past Sunday and got in Cardio and then did Strength Training on my own because I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to my usual Monday night BodyWorks class.

Monday I spent all day on my feet walking around/chasing two littles at an amusement park with one of my BFF's and her little family. I expected to be completely exhausted by the time we left but I felt really good still. We packed lunches and then ended up having to get a small meal there too since it was getting later. Lunch was a super healthy salad with chicken and veggies and I felt very full. Plus I carried a huge water bottle and filled it when needed. I am not sure if I was still running on all the excitement from that day or if I've finally reached that place where I am starting to have more energy and feel better about myself. (I'll go with BOTH. ;) )

The rest of the week, I hit up not ONE but TWO BodyWorks classes, mowed the lawn (which is an exercise in itself) and then my hubby so graciously sent me on my way to the gym tonight for some Cardio. I burned 436 calories and walked/ran 2.59 miles in 45 minutes, which seriously is a record for me on the treadmill. So yeah I feel like I am back on track and really in deep this time. Committed. Hoping that feeling stays. I think I've finally found some motivation deep down inside and I really like the way I am feeling about it all.

How are you doing with your goals & progress? I'd love to cheer you on!

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