Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Months Old !!!!!

That's right today our miracle babies turned two months old. It seems like just yesterday we were being rushed to the OR to deliver and our future was so uncertain. I think tonight I have a huge case of the baby blues for some reason. I think a lot of it is because I am so anxious to just have them home already. I have had enough of the running back and forth and the constant ups and downs.

Today they put Blake on the regular flo cannula. Which basically is just like what they use on adults or other people who need minimal oxygen support. He is still at 1 liter...we need to get to .5 liters to be "allowed" to come home on oxygen (provided he has met all other requirements), but this is a big step in the right direction and there is a great chance he could come home withouth needing to be on oxygen. They discontinued his bottle feeding because they don't feel like he is ready. I am trying to trust the doctors on this but I am not feeling comfortable with that choice. It was a once a day thing and it wasn't really "hurting" him, I guess he could have done "better" but I thought he was handling it well enough. So now it will probably be another week before they let him attempt it again. Whats really odd it that he is still allow to "nuzzle" while we feed him through his feeding tube as long as I have pumped prior. But it is what it is.

They have made no real changes with Addison. So we just keep right on trucking.

Their weights are currently 4 lbs 8oz for Blake and 3 lbs 14.5 ozs for Addison.

Heres a look at our time in pictures....

Addison at birth

Addison 1 month old

Addison 2 months old

Blake at birth

Blake 1 month old

Blake 2 months old

And one more because I just couldn 't resists. This melts my heart.

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