Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One day it will just click...

This is what the nurses kept telling me when it came to trying to get Blake to drink from a bottle. I will admit after the first 6 attempts I was starting to feel a little...discouraged...and let me just tell you (not that I am one to brag but) BLAKE TOOK HIS ENTIRE 6PM FEEDING FROM A BOTTLE. ALL 49 MLS (ALMOST 2 OZS). Talk about one proud Mommy!

I had some help from his AMAZING nurse Jill today, she gave me some really good pointers to help us both out. And even showed me the "right" way to burp a preemie. (Who knew you shouldn't put them on your shoulder? It makes sense because you can't see whats going on.) But I am so glad she showed me a much better way to burp him because I want to know if he is spitting up or having issues and this way he is right infront of me. I really think that not only did it just click, but the patience and helpfulness that Jill showed us, is really what got the job done. AND it was so awesome, once he was finished Jill stood up-empty bottle in hand- and shouted to the whole NICU "Blake just drank his first bottle!" Everyone clapped and cheered, Blake smiled as if he understood and Addison...she coughed as if to say "Where's my bottle?"

Speaking of Ms. Addison, the goal for her this week is to ween her CPAP support. So far she is alternating HiFlo Cannula for 16 hours and CPAP for 8 hours. The plan is to decrease CPAP time by 2 hours everyday. As far as bottle feeding, it's still on the back burner because she is now on continuous OJ feeds (her feeding tube has been pushed furthur down past her tummy into her small instestine to try and combat the reflux.) She will have to continue OJ feeds for atleast another 2 weeks and then they will try to move the tube back into her tummy and go from there. OH and she is now in a big kid crib like her brother. And I must say, she is not very cuddly...she is very independent and prefers to be left alone STILL, no matter how much Mommy wants her to cuddle. Boo for that but it's ok, I can settle for some girl talk instead lol.

Their space is pretty much done here at the apartment, cribs are up and linens are clean and in place. Just more laundry and finishing touches to put together. We really need to work on finding dressers that Daddy approves of, he is being extra picky about this for some reason. Lol. Once we have a place for all their clothes I think we will be set.

And that pretty much sums things up for now.

Our next project is CPR classes for us and the grandparents as well as a family meeting at the hospital with the doctors to go over what to expect when bringing home not one but two preemies.

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