Monday, April 4, 2011

Way to go!

Ok so lets recap...I actually heard the Nurse Practitioner say "Blake and Addison had a good night and have remained stable," for THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER!!!! Can I just tell you how absolutely amazing that was to hear? We are so proud of our munchkins.

Blake is on CPAP still, but his pressure settings have been lowered and he seems to be doing well with it. We might be retrying the nasal cannula later this week (and hopefully after successfully mastering that, we will be moving on to breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding!!!!!!!). It's soooo close!

Addison was moved off CPAP and put on something called SiPAP which is very similar to the CPAP, except in addition to the constant pressure air it also is currently giving Addison 10 extra "puffs" of air every minute. She had tolerated this much better then CPAP and they are hoping to cut those 10 extra puffs out and get her back on regular CPAP by the end of the week.

Last Thursday we were told that they thought Addison had an abscess forming under her chin, after blood cultures, a spinal tap, antibiotics, and ultrasound of the area...24 hours later they determined it may have just been cellulitus. And "whatever" it was, was none existent by that point. I am glad that they are so proactive but I really wish that EVERY time they *think* something is off kilter they would not do a spinal tap. However it is protocol and much better to be safe then sorry I suppose.

In a previous post I believe I mentioned the twins had brain bleeds (common in preemies.) Addison was by far the worst but has remained stable (she had another head ultrasound today, but results are pending). Blake's is in his ventricles and over the past weeks has grown, not by much but it's growth none the less. Right now they aren't too concerned and don't feel there is need for intervention, and they even got a second opinion from the neurosurgeon who agrees. So for now we "wait" and pray that it will resolve on its own.

Weighing in...
Blake is now 3lbs 15.5ozs
Addison is OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE 3 LB 3lbs 3ozs!!!!!!!!!
****One of the doctors has a rule, once you hit three pounds chances for infection, etc go WAY down! Yay Babies!***

What else can I say, besides we are blessed. THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for us. Please keep those prayers coming because they are working!

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