Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Recently we've begun working on Blake "self feeding" and of course continue to work on Addison consuming more then a bite per meal.

Blake says he prefers to play with his food. However, things bigger then Cheerios (like green beans, COOKIES etc) he will attempt to put in his mouth, sometimes he'll actually eat it, other times not so much. We are working on little things for him to eat safely.

(He eats purees like a pro, and has also started yanking the spoon from me and trying to feed himself...aka...spill it on his clothes.)

Here's Blake working with the Cheerios

Addison has a new "therapeutic toy" called a Chewy Tube. Now that we see she is making chewing motions with her mouth and biting on things, the therapist told us to give it a try. It's now part of her oral stim routine with every meal... (I think it's helping... the kid FINALLY ate a half a jar of stage 1 baby food today!)...

The therapist also said to let her explore with the Chewy Tube, and here she is chewing away!

Also something pretty cool happened in our house last night....The babies had what I call a fussy day yesterday, they were just plain cranky especially towards the evening. I knew that their Dada was on the way home so we snuggled in on the couch and I did my best to calm them both (ever been in a room with two fussy babies at the same time?). I heard Jake pulling up outside, and I guess Blake did too (thank you loud work van), he got really quiet, turned and looked up at me and goes "Dada" with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yes Blake that is Dada's truck"...... Blake: "Dada, Dada, Dada... ahh, Dada."

Jake opened the door and if I'd bet if Blake could walk he would have ran and grabbed his leg. Arms up and grinning from ear to ear "DA-DA!"

I guess I know who his favorite is :-P

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