Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today we went to visit our GI doc...

Here's what she had to say about Little Miss Addison...

Weight: 8.400 kg... (18.85 pounds)
Height: 26 1/2''
Precentile: 90th for ACTUAL AGE....WOWSER!

As you all may already know Miss Addison is G-tube fed. Currently she gets 8 ounces via a "bolus" aka gravity feed 4 times a day.  She recieves Occupational Therapy once a week where we work on her oral motor skills and eating, then we practice with her twice a day or more if she'll tolerate, all other days. Right now, she can take up to 1 tbs of food, but mostly takes maybe 3 or 4 small baby spoons full.

Today GI gave us some options for reducing those bolus feeds in hopes of increasing her oral feeds. Option 1... continuous feeds at night via feeing pump and no tube feedings during the day only oral feeds. Option 2...reduce the number of bolus feeds during the day from 4 to 3 and reduce the overall amount; and eliminating the "need" for continuous feeds at night.

Their are pros and cons to each option and I am not sure which route will go but, this is still GREAT NEWS to start the new year with. We meet with OT again this Friday, I'll discuss things we here then and hopefully move forward.

Oh and the biggest news... She said that she feels confident that Addison will be saying BYE BYE to the feeding tube by her 2nd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure hope she's right...and in Addion's tendency to prove people wrong, maybe it will even happy before that.

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