Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slow but steady...for the most part.

Ok so first off...Blake is now 6lbs. 2ozs. and Addison is 4lbs. 14ozs. And both of them have outgrown their preemie clothes (this is a happy/sad moment for me, some of those outfits were pretty damn cute but I am glad they are growing), Addison can still fit in a few of them, but she has some length on her which makes it difficult.

The past three weeks we have seen three doctors rotate thru, each with their own mission for the babies. The end result...slow but steady progress. Addison is now back on the High Flo Cannula at 4 liters and Blake WAS on a regular flo cannula at 1 liter (note: Blake's cannula settings were at the "I can come home on O2" point.) I say WAS because suddenly when we went back for a visit tonight they said he was "pulling" and breathing rapidly (I have to admit, I wasn't convinced though). This could have something to do with the cold that he seems to have caught from somewhere...but the end result was blood work, xray, putting him back on High Flo at 3 liters (which seems a bit drastic to me) and stopping his bottle feedings (after just increasing to twice a day). His blood work came back normal, so now we have to wait until rounds tomorrow to see where we will go from here.

It's very frustrating right now because the Neo who was on last week, mentioned that often times doctors tend to treat x-rays and not the patient, his lungs may "look" one way, but how is he truly behaving? This is also the same doctor that set him to "outgrow" his diuretics because she thinks he is stable enough. In the back of my mind I can't help but wonder who's right in all of this. The Neo that's on this week is the one who was actually in the delivery room with me, so she knows how far they have truly come (which leads me to believe that she may be more cautious and unfortunately hold progress back.) I am really hoping we can get him back down to at least 2 liters and resume bottle feeding tomorrow, Blake enjoys it as much as I do...

Speaking of the bottle feeds...yeah um, Blake has officially taken 3 whole entire bottles and he is so stinking cute about it... When  it's time to burp, I've barely got the bottle out and he burps and is smacking his lips and rooting for more, and when it's gone he looks for refills. (He gets that from Daddy... lol)

Other then being on High Flo, there have been no real changes for Ms. Addison. They started her on Prevacid today for her reflux so hopefully we can being working on bottle feeds and OG (rather then OJ) feeds with her.

I also have to say I am a little disappointed in the nursing staff today, both babies got x-rays tonight. Blake's feeding tube was pushed in WAY to far and was in the beginning of his intestine while Addison's was in her stomach rather then in her intestine where they wanted it (that's the OJ tube)...which could explain her recent increase in Brady episodes due to reflux. They are supposed to be checking placement of these tubes every three hours at a minimum, so how in the H3LL did they miss that? (This will be a point of discussion in rounds tomorrow for sure).

So for now, I think I have covered it to bed I go.

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