Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeding Tube Awareness Week... Day 4

First an update on Blake. He's doing much better today, except we learned that the Nebulizer gives him a rash. It appears and disappears just as quickly as it comes up. This could only happen to us right? But anyway, he's feeling and sounding better so we push on.

Secondly today we're focusing on the following:

How has your attitude/family/friends' attitudes changed towards tube feeding? What has awareness of the positive benefits done to change perceptions?

I think that in the very beginning some of our family was apprehensive about the decision to go forward with a G-tube for Addison, most people associate feeding tubes with very sick, critically ill or near death patients and I think that played in the back of everyone's mind. Honestly I'll admit it, Jake and I weren't very fond of the idea either. It took a lot of talking to specialists and research before we were completely at terms with what needed to happen and could move forward. I think despite their apprehensions our families were supportive.

I already knew 1 friend who has a tubie baby (and she highly advocated for the feeding tube, and offered support in ways other's couldn't) and as we posted about Addison's journey we learned that a supervisor who I worked for also had a tubie baby, who successfully weened from the tube and is now (get this) having a healthy baby of her own! Their stories, showed us hope.

Seeing Addison grow and blossom like every other baby had done amazing things to show people just how helpful a feeding tube is in the growth and development with some babies. I think it renewed hope in a lot of people. Addison's experience has shown what amazing tools a feeding tube can be, and disproven a lot of stereotypes.

We are super proud of our Tubie and I will continue to share her story with others...To give them hope and courage and support.

I am challenging our friends and family to answer this question below in the comments section as well. I'd love to know how our story has changed your perspective.

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