Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A year ago today our world was turned upside down when Addison and Blake arrived 14 weeks early weighing less then 2 pounds each, and now here they are... a whole year old! I'll admit it's better sweet, but we couldn't be more proud or excited.

It's the little things that make life worth living,
It's the little things that help us make it through.
I never knew how true those words were,
Until I first set my eyes on you.
I feared because it was too early;
I cried because it was too... soon.
Yet I underestimated
The strength in one as small as you.
You were born a fighter, a warrior;
You would not quit nor move on.
You strove, you fought, you tried,
Until your battle was won.
When hope might have faded,
When the trial seemed too great,
A tiny child, despite the odds,
Fought what was thought fate.
And a little baby triumphed,
A baby thought too small to live,
A baby knew that life
Is the most precious thing to give...

Mommy & Daddy love you both very much Addions & Blake. We are very proud of you both.

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