Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quite the week!

Sunday brought their first birthday week to a close with a family party. Let me just say these little one's are loved. I think they got enough clothes to keep them clothed all summer... Oh and the swimsuits they got... Sooo cute. Can't wait for warmer weather now...

Other then that, not too much more going on, Blake's still refusing to crawling and thinks rolling everywhere (including under the couch) is better. His latest trick is rolling almost into the kitchen and attempted "Pull to Stand" on the steps. Silly little man.

I think Addison may actually be gaining some language skills and Blake is maybe possibly saying "Mama" more frequently although he still thinks its funny to tease me with it. Stinker! He's also got a "scary voice" he learned from Daddy and growls and grumbles. My heart still bursts with joy over these two.

Addison had some kind of reaction to her smash cake, and apparently Benedryl makes her hyper. Made for an interesting 24 hours lol.

Thank you to all who helped us celebrate our two miracles and for all the love you've sent along the way!

Here's some pictures from our weekend... (Please note, my husband HATES pictures and getting him to not hide from the camera is near impossible.)

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