Friday, February 17, 2012

Today has been one of those days...

It's "babies gang up on Mommy day" here. One cries, the other cries...for no apparent reason.

This was my morning...

7 am - Wake
           Change diapers
           Put babies in high chairs
           Make Blake's breakfast - Oatmeal with fruit, Yogurt & 4ozs Milk
           (Keep in mind I cannot feed Addison simultaneously and Blake doesn't have patience to wait for    her to eat, so he goes first.)
           Addison's too close the the patio door and is playing with the blind. "Addison stop please....(she continues)...Addison NO...." More playing with the blind as she looks at me and giggles and raises her brows daring me not to laugh at her.
           Stop feeding Blake, move Addison's high chair.
           "Blake look at Mommy, open up." - Put spoon near mouth, he turns his head to see what his sister is doing. (We are only two bites in).
           Finally Blake is fed 20 minutes later, wipe him up, clean his tray, he sits and waits.
           Prep Addison's breakfast - Formula, and 1 tablespoon of fruit.
           Begin Oral Stim, this will be fun, she's already not in the mood. Pulling at the brush, chew tube, etc.
           "Addison, calm down. Let's eat." Cue giggle, turns her head and gags even with nothing in her mouth.
           This continues for 30 minutes, I repeat "Addison, no no. Addison calm down...Addison careful. Good swallow. No don't spit it out. Addison no." But we press on until our time limit is up. I counted, she ate 2 spoonfuls, the rest she spit out, or just plain didn't eat. She's crying, I want to.
           And now she is screaming about something, which prompts Blake to scream. Tears are pouring down Addison's face.
           Tube feed her and give her a dose of Motrin.
           "It's ok" I tell myself. There's always lunch time.
            Finally they play in their exersaucers and watch Mickey's Clubhouse. It's quiet for a moment.

It's only 8 o'clock. Is it nap time yet?

They nap, and as I peek in to check on them, I see this ...

And I remember that no matter what, they are perfect in my eyes and it's all worth it. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They took a 2 hour nap, which is mostly unheard of these days and will probably ruin the afternoon nap, but we'll see. They woke up and were right back at it. Blake's decided he's not drinking his milk, he's done and Addison tried to crawl away as I tube fed her. But it's ok.

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