Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feeding Tube Awareness Week... Day 5

Today has been a pretty good day in this house. Blake is feeling much much better, and Addison is her usual happy go lucky self. I think they sensed excitement in the air though, because tomorrow we are meeting up with one of our Mommy friends and her beautiful baby girl for our first trip to the Aquarium. Let's just say after being down for almost a whole week with a sick baby and being trapped in the house, we (ok maybe me more then them) are soooooo excited to be getting out for alittle while.

I think that our trip to the Aquarium give me the perfect opportunity to highlight what exactly goes into a "day trip" with a tubie baby (and twins). First off most of you reading this will probably think I am going overboard, but anyone with a special needs child knows there is no such thing. It is better to be safe then sorry. And also keep in mind that I have to be prepared for a "tubie removal" and have all things necessary to pop a new one in should it some how "magically" fall out (aka Addison yanks it or some other mishap).

So now for your viewing pleasure, this is what we will be taking with us tomorrow......

What you see here are the following: Change of clothes for each baby (because "crap" happens), Tylenol & Motrin, spare can of formula (just in case), 4 prefilled bottles of water, pre measured formula, pacifiers, wipes (Target, Up&Up brand), flush syringe & feeding syringes, Puffs, extra water for flush and just incase, diapers (we use Luvs), spare Mini-One button kit, baby food for Blake, and spoons. What you don't see here is the massive bottle of hand sanitizer and the tube extension.... yes I fit all of that into one diaper bag (thank you to one of my favorite cousins for the most awesome diaper bag ever). The prefilled diaper bag at the top has everything I could possibly (and then some) need should we have a "button" emergency. My theory is that if I have it I won't need it, and better then needing it and NOT having it.

See I told you I got all that stuff to fit in to black diaper bag. The second diaper bag always stays packed and stocked. Also note the pink thing hanging from the black bag..."dirty diaper bags". Yup I am always that prepared.
So there you have it. That's what it takes to get these two out the door for a day away from home. Is this my everyday arsenal?...nope. I do not take all of this stuff for runs to the grocery store or a trip the mall, I have just my basics then. But these are all items we need on hand when we are out and about for long periods. Thank goodness for the basket on the double stroller, and calling ahead and getting permission to bring the stroller (they usually don't allow strollers...makes no sense but they made the exception for the princess).

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