Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Comes to Town...

First and most important.......


30 days ago I tube fed my budding toddler through her feeding tube for the very last time. Today I did a weight check and she is weighing 22.2 lbs, which is steady from a week ago. Which is also a huge accomplishment because as I mentioned, weight loss is typical with tube weaning and they won't take her tube out until she gains weight for 3 months in a row. So holding steady is actually on the right track. I am hoping that this means the weight loss is over and that we will be in the gain column soon.

To celebrate I thought "We should have cake, minus the icing because apparently my kids are allergic to cake icing." (Poor kids.) One of my preemie mom buddies suggested I let Addison and Blake help me bake a cake. And I really am thankful she suggested it because I would have thought about it later and wished that I had. But at any rate. Let me preface this with, I don't bake often, aka I do not have much on hand to bake from scratch or at a moments notice. That's ok with me though, because I am sure a box cake would be better then anything I could make, I tried that once so believe cake is better. This meant a trip to the store. No biggie. I figured I could go after their nap, pick up the mix and such, come home and let them help me bake and hoped that by the time I was done Jake would be home from work to join in on the celebration.

I had talked with Jake during nap time and he indicated that he thought he wouldn't be to late, so I thought I'd check in after nap time and decide either to wait for him to get home and then run out to the store or just go before he got home and get started. After nap time he said he wouldn't be much longer, that he had just gotten to his last job. So I waited. And waited. TWO HOURS LATER, he tells me it's gonna be a while longer. (Plus an hour (+) commute home).

At this point I had found a recipe for some "butter cookies" and had everything it needed (butter, flour, baking powder, eggs, honey) so I had started that BUT the dough had to sit for a few hours in the fridge. I figured, we'll have cookies instead and play it by ear, if he gets home "soon" I'll run out. Otherwise it was time to start dinner and well...yeah. No going out at this point.

Jake finally got home. He wanted to take the dogs out for a walk first, and change his clothes and blah blah, normal "just got home from work" stuff. FINE.. I'll keep waiting. He finally comes back inside, and I head out. I am not gone TEN MINUTES... DO YOU HEAR ME TEN STINKING MINUTES... I have been home ALL DAY LONG with the kiddos... ALL.DAY.LONG. And Jake calls. What could he possibly want? I bet we are out of milk or something. Ohhhhhh no. He is excited. "What Jake, what?" I ask.

I am standing in the store, deciding on cake mix... WHAT DOES HE WANT.


Me: "What?"

Jake: "Santa. He just came through with a parade of fire trucks and brought goody bags to the door for the babies. I heard him outside, they were beeping the horns and stuff. SANTA WAS HERE."

And it's official. I hate Jake. I leave for TEN MINUTES. And Santa comes. Jake didn't get a single picture (he claims he didn't have a chance to lol). Santa drives through in this big ol' parade of fire trucks and gives my kids candy...WITHOUT SENDING ME A MEMO FIRST and I miss the whole thing.

Did I mention I was home ALL.FREAKING.DAY????????

So what did I do when I got home?

1.) I told Jake he could not discuss it. Instead I listened to Blake "Momma, SANTA.... truuuuuuuckkkkkk"

2.) I made a HUGE deal with Addison about it and told Addison, that because I am in fact the worlds best Mommy EVER, made a call to Santa to remind him (because we all know he sees you when you are sleeping and knows when you are wake, all that stuff, but is super busy) and told him I needed a visit to my house with a special treat for Addison because it as a big day for her and she was 30 days feeding tube free.

(I imagine in her head she is visioning me whispering on the phone late at night while she is asleep... "Santa, yes this is Addison's mom. Yes the one that you brought a Barbie Corvette for when she was five. Uh-huh, I am still mad about that because I wanted a Mustang NOT a Corvette. Yes Santa you can make it right. How you ask? Well as you've seen Addison has been a really good girl, and Blake has done a good job being a good boy, and well today Addison was went 30 days without a tube feeding, and I think you need to come and visit before Christmas so she knows that you KNOW. I don't care if you are busy. I expect you to arrive before bedtime."  And I further imagine that she thinks, "Mommy really is boss. She even went and personally gave Santa directions to my house, and that's why she wasn't here when he got here. She must have got stuck in traffic! My mommy rocks!".... Yes I do sweet Addison. Yes I do.)


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA (sorry, still with the LOL) ;D

  2. This stuff only happens to me... I am telling you. Only me.