Friday, December 14, 2012


Today a man walked into a school and fired shots in a Kindergarten classroom. I won't discuss the politics or the details of it, I just won't do it.

Bottom line, innocent lives were taken. Innocent, defenseless, CHILDREN. Were taken from their families. Parents dropped their children off at school, only to never bring them home again.

My heart aches as a mom. I cannot imagine.

For a moment I am thankful that Addison and Blake are still to small to even begin to know what has happened. Thankful that I do not have to have that very tough conversation tonight about why bad things happen in this world. Thankful that I can protect them from this craziness for just a little while longer.

And heartbroken that so many other parents have to try to make this make sense to their children who bore witness to these tragic events. (How on earth do you make it make sense?)

For those that are reading this and have been effected in anyway, my heart goes out to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers to all involved. Tonight, my heart is heavy and I am hugging my babies tighter. I just cannot wrap my head around this.

Below are some resources for parents on how to talk to their kids about tragedies such as what took place today...

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