Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

(And photo dump)...

2012 was good to us. We celebrate Addi & Blake's 1st birthday, our 5th Wedding Anniversary, Addison's Cleft Repair went well without any complications, Addi & Blake's Homecoming Anniversaries, Blake was discharged from Early Intervention (he's all caught up!), moved (again) into an awesome house in a different state, took a leap of faith and are successfully tube weaning Addison, got to spend lots of time with family and made the most of every moment together... WE SURVIVED AND THRIVED in 2012.

And probably the best part of all is that we will celebrate the new year with TWO healthy, amazing, smart, lovable children who will likely join us for snacks around 8:30 and will be in bed before the ball drops. And my equally awesome Godson who decided to spend NYE with is (I must be pretty cool to have have a 13 y/o who wants to still hang out with me, or maybe he just likes the babies lol). Oh and a visit from my Momma, Stepdad and Mom-mom too. Who knows we might even be passed out before midnight and that will be ok with me.

Here's to hoping that 2013 will hold just as much promise and joy. From our family to yours. :)

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