Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big changes...

Let's see...first and for most Blake is now officially 8 pounds! Holy Moly! And Addison (better known as Peanut) is now 6 pounds 14 ozs.

The last time I wrote that they were actually saying the word "discharge" in the same sentence as Blake. Well ladies and gentleman, it's official Blake is coming home this Thursday. I personally have been a roller coaster of emotions, I am so happy that he is finally coming home but yet it's bittersweet because we are leaving Addison behind temporarily.

And let me just tell you, over all I have not been impressed with the hospital's disorganization and I am even more disappointed in the insurance companies. For starters I asked the hospital more then once if they had our updated phone numbers to give to the heart monitor and home oxygen people "Yes, yes." I was assured. Well guess what...WRONG! Today after the nurse practitioner scheduled all of these follow up appointments and such that Blake will be needing, I ask again to clarify because now 24 + hours later, I STILL have not heard from the heart monitor and home oxygen companies. Want to guess why? Yup because they don't have the right phone number...Which presents a valid point...IF THERE WAS AN EMERGENCY, WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET A HOLD OF ME?????? So after giving my phone number to the babies' nurse, asking several times if things have been updated...it was still not done...EPIC FAIL!

To make it better some fool in the insurance office neglected to submit authorization to the primary insurance and went straight to the secondary insurance, which I might add is being a tool and does not see reason for Blake to have oxygen at home until Sunday even though he is coming home Thursday. Oh and when I called the primary insurance to get the ball rolling...they inform me that they didn't even know the twins were still in the NICU! They haven't gotten a claim since they were born! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! What winners I tell you. So I guess I know how I will be spending my coming days, trying to clean up someone elses mess. This is, in between bottles and diapers and of course running to visit Addison.

In Addison news, they suddenly decided that they were going to not wait until Monday to transfer her but instead do this on Thursday, the same day her brother comes home. Um, gee thanks. Talk about a lot to handle, and the worst part is it's not a urgent situation so it could have waited at least a day. I am trying to look at it from a positive stand point...Neither Jake nor I will be able to accompany her in transit (stupidest rule EVER) and will have to wait over an hour for confirmation that she has arrived/be able to see her. So Blake's homecoming will be my diversion. But seriously, could they have given me a second to breath and absorb?

I also found out today that they tried to bottle feed her. Why I have no clue what so ever and I am not even sure if they used the special nipples they were talking about because of her cleft palate. I tell you never in my life will I be so glad to get away from this hospital. And what's sad is that the NICU is full of some pretty great nurses, but it's just so disorganized and the lack of communication between parents and staff is astounding. If their is another child in our future I can assure you I will not be going back there.

Please as always continue to pray for us, we are closing one chapter and beginning another. With a little luck this chapter will be shorter and less eventful and will lead to a much bigger and happier chapter in our lives.

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