Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three months old!!!!!

Yup that's right our precious miracles are 3 months old today....boy how time flys. Not a whole lot of new stuff going on... Blake is still off oxygen except for when he eats and they are working on a decrease in Addison's cannula flow now, but other then that they are thriving... Blake is now 7lbs 8 ozs and Addison is 5 lbs 12 ozs. (In the words of our fav. Doc...Addison's life saver, literally, Dr. Kapoor "They've come a loooonnnnngggg way!)

Thank you for all the continuted prayers and we are looking forward to having our babies home with us soon...(fingers crossed)

Blake at Birth
Blake 1 month old
Blake 2 months old

Blake 3 monts old

Addison at Birth
Addison 1 month old
Addison 2 months old

Addison 3 months old

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