Thursday, May 26, 2011

Closing a chapter...

Well this is it, one chapter is ending as another is beginning. Addison has offically been transferred to her new home (that we are now calling  "The Big U"), I must say for such an "upscale" hospital the cliental is anything but "upscale" or "classy", with the exception of Addison of course. And this time tomorrow night I will be getting ready to wake up and feed one little boy named....BLAKE. That's right, little man is coming home!

I am currently hanging out here at the "old" NICU spending Blake's last night here with him and completing monitor training. Then it's home to catch a quick cat nap, wait for the oxygen people, catch another cat nap...maybe go buy Blake his swing (because let's face it, I can't hold him 24-7 regardless of what he thinks) and once Daddy get's off of work we will be driving to our "home away from home" for the past three months and picking up our son. Words cannot even begin to express the feelings we have right now.

It is so hard to be sitting here and not seeing Addison to Blake's right and being able to hold her while he sleeps and vice it is a one or other deal for now. Sigh... but we'll get there. I swear I cried more today then I probably had all this time. Maybe it was just time to get it all out.

As the doctor and nurse practioner made their rounds this morning, I made sure to snap pictures to save for the babies. Dr. K was the doctor who spent more then the first 48 hours with her and did everything he could think of to keep her thriving. And ofcourse their's V or "Aunt V" as well like to call her, she too shares a special bond with Addison. I can't tell you home many gray hairs she must have because of our little girl.

We've had our share of ups and downs and the staff here has seen us at our best and at our worst, but we've made it and here we are...

Our journey is far from over and it a lot of ways it is just beginning. While Blake will be home with us tomorrow, Big U will begin running test to see if our little girl can bottle feed and decide if she will need a G-tube as well as when possibly they may do the surgery to repair her cleft palate. As always thank you for your continued prayers these babies are proof in the power of prayer.

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