Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Wow, my first Mother's a some"one" other then the puppies. To two beautiful, happy, miracle babies. How lucky am I? Pretty darn lucky if you ask me.

Today consisted of a nicely prepared breakfast from Jake the Grouch (yes he was a grump this morning, but eventually turned back into his normal mellow self). Rounds with Dr. Alex (one of my favorites, who spent a month as the babies' attending), where we got a fairly good report and he also offered some insight on our precious Addison's upcoming "events". Dr. A is also a Neo at the hospital where she will be transferred (he actually "belongs" to them, but fills in at our current hospital), so he has a bit more of an understanding of how their NICU works and their protocol. Followed by an afternoon nap, a beautiful card from Jake and the babies, spaghetti dinner (homemade by hubby himself) and a return visit to the NICU where we gave Addison a bath and fed Blake...and where I received one of the most precious Mother's Day gifts ever, clay footprints of the babies in a sea shell. One of the nurses does that every year for the mom's, I couldn't be more lucky, and even more so because both of the babies cooperated enough to let her stick their feet in the clay. (I will add a picture of the footprints later once I find my digital's around here somewhere.)

And now for some baby news...

Good news, is he honestly believes that Addison will not need the surgery to help with her reflux and that she has a very good chance of out growing it while we "wait" until she is of an appropriate age/weight, etc to further discuss it...Bad news, is that he thinks this reflux will buy her another 7-8 weeks in the NICU. He did however caution us to take that with a grain of salt because he does feel she may darn well prove his theory all wrong and get wind of her brother coming home and change her tune. Dr. A, is someone we've grown to trust immensely...he was the doctor who actually sat down and talked us through our decision to put Addison on steroids to get her off the ventilator. And honestly I love it when a doctor who has saw "the good, bad and ugly" comes back because I feel like then we get a real interpretation of how far they have come and how well they really are doing. That being said, she will still MOST LIKELY need the surgery for the cleft palate, but that won't be for a good 3-9 months depending on various things, most of which we won't know until she is seen by the specialist.

Blake is now on .3 liters on the regular cannula and the plan is to take him off of it tomorrow. He has taken every bottle now for the past 24 hours and if he keeps that up for a few more days...BYE BYE FEEDING TUBE!!!!

Thanks to the night nurse last night Addison decided to cooperate with Mommy for Mother's Day and let me enjoy some snuggle time with her, that actually lasted longer then 5 minutes before she decided to hold her breath and start to turn gray (but hey at least it wasn't that pretty shade of blue she likes to try sometimes.) And they are planning to possibly moving the feeding tube back into Addison's stomach tomorrow. Please send us some prayers that her reflux well stay under control and that hopefully we can start bottle feeding (and that she will tolerate all of that.)

To all the Momma's out there, I hope your day was I am off to get some rest so I can be at the hospital in time for rounds tomorrow.

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