Sunday, December 25, 2011


Why you might ask?

Let me show you....

This is exactly why... because of these two. For years we wondered if we would ever have children of our own, for months we wondered if we'd ever get to bring our babies home, and now this year for Christmas I woke up to the sound of two beautiful babies. To see their smiles, their laughter and the excitement that lives in a child's heart. Thank you God for blessing us with these two miracles and trusting us as their parents, I know we'll make mistakes along the way but I promise to raise them up to belive in the good Lord above.

And for those who have been wondering...Yes Addison got the pony (a pink one at that) that Daddy has been promising her, and every girl's dream, a doll house (complete with Boy/Girl twins). Blake got a train set (that is as big as our kitchen) and a ride a long dump well as many many many more gifts...but just to name a few.

Today marks a very special day as well, it's the birthday of Jesus, Our Savior, and another very amazing man. My Daddy. While I wish he were here in person I know he is here in spirit. I see him in my children everyday. I get to say "Hi" to him thru my daughters eyes. Ask anyone who's been around Addison long enough, they'll tell you her Pap Paw is in her back pocket at all times, you'll catch her gazing in space and babbling with a smile. If you ask if it's "her buddy" she giggles. He's here every day. I love you Daddy, thank you for all you've done for me. You are missed more then you'll ever know. (And for the record, everything you said about a parents's true, just incase you were wondering.)

Me & my Daddy at a friend's birthday party.
My Daddy giving me away on my wedding day.

Walking me down the aisle.

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