Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our 1st Christmas!

Last year we were announcing the gender of the twins. This year we're spoiling them we lots of gifts (and teaching them the real meaning of Christmas). We spent Christmas Eve celebrating with the twins grandparents and their Aunt and Uncle. Daddy has to work tomorrow and is on call so we called in a favor to Santa and asked if he would please come early so we could spend Christmas together.

I'd have to say it went off with our a hitch. One things for sure, these two are loved.

We also ask this year that everyone take a moment of your time and say a prayer for all those who will not get to spend this holiday with their families and those families spending Christmas in the NICU. To all our brave men and woman who serve and have served this country so that we can enjoy our freedoms at home. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
The night before "Christmas" Eve

Every girl needs a baby doll and baby carriage
Blake enjoying the box of all things lol. (I can't get the picture to flip).

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  1. Those are great! Blake in a sideways box goes well with his expression :D

    Merry Christmas!!