Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a...........

GIRL & BOY!!!!

Dec 23, 2010...

We were anxiously sitting in the waiting room in the Center for Advanced Fetal Care. Waiting to find out if there were any "visible" signs that could cause my labs to come back abnormal. We talked a lot about baby names, and predicted genders etc. I was convinced boy/girl, Jake was 100% girl/girl. We had names picked... Blake Lee, Bryce Austin & Addison (or Madison) Michelle, Aubree Amanda.

Thankfully for us the ultrasound tech was quickly able to put us at ease and assured us that visibly things looked as they should. Then came the fun part... she started asking if we had names picked as she began to scan Baby A's anatomy. Small talk, lol... and then she stops and freezes the screen and says, "Do you see what I see?" I choke back a little and said "It's a girl?!?!"

"Yes, Baby A is a girl."

Immediately cue the tears from me, and I look and Jake and he's holding his breath. The tech moves over to Baby B, again "And do you know what that is?" I turn and look at Jake, he's pale..."It's a boy!?!?!"

"Yes, Baby B is a boy."

And Jake gasps for air. Again I am now crying hard. I looked back and Jake, "Addison and Blake."

He laughs and says, "I was sure it was two girls and I was going to spend the next 18 years working day and night saving for bail money for the day those boys come knocking. At least now I've got a boy to keep and eye on her too."

We floated on air the rest of that day. We told only immediate family the news and decided to "announce" it officially via Christmas cards on the 25th.

This day ranked up there with the day I got the call that we were officially pregnant. This day in 2010 was also a big day for a fellow friend of ours, one of my very close friends delivered a preemie around 30 weeks gestation and today was the day she got the call to bring her baby home finally.

Today (2011) I'll spend the day thanking God for all he's given us, as I prepare the final touches for our first Christmas as a family of four! I can't wait.... :-)

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