Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Praying for a Miracle.

Ok... so I've taken a day to pull myself together, because lets face it when it comes to my babies I am a hot mess. Now...that being said, I know the power of prayer first hand, I believe in miracles, and I know how amazingly strong my friends and family are. So I am asking everyone to pray for a miracle for Addison. (EVERYTHING IS OK)... We met with the Ped Optho yesterday and found out that Addi...
son has a Congenital eye problem that is causing her left eye to roll inward toward her nose. Most of you will probably don't even notice it, I admit I hadn't really either, but the Ped picked up on it right away and sent us to the specialist.

The doc is 99.9% sure that she will need surgery for this in the near future. It's minor surgery but surgery, anesthisia, and a ventilator...all the things you know this momma right here hates and fears.

So my prayer request is simple. Pray for an amazing miracle and that Addison can avoid surgery. Crazier and more amazing things have happened to us, to her, so this isnt so far fetched. And I realize there are a million and one more pressing things to pray about but, can I count on you (my family and friends) to pray for Addison?
I cannot even begin to explain to you how terrifing the thought of another surgery for her is to me. I know she is a trooper and so very tough, but I hate seeing her in pain, I hate that she has to go thru this. I pray we can avoid it. And I pray that she will understand in the future that every choice we made for her was truly made with her very best interest at heart and made to improve her quality of life.

I never knew that loving my children would hurt this much. That truly is how much I love them, it makes my heartache sometimes. Especially times like this. I cannot imagine how a child so small can endure all she has with a smile on her face. She truly is my motivation, inspiration and I couldn't be more proud.

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