Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spotlight on Preemies...Cousins

This next preemie experience is brought to you by my niece who has a family of her own, and her story to motherhood is nothing short of a miracle itself. She was (and still is) an amazing supporter of my two NICU Grads, and is just all around an amazing woman. Here's what Bonnie had to say:

Your twins (preemies) have impacted my life in multiple ways. Their early arrival and touch and go moments brought me closer to God. Showed me, first hand how fragile life is, inspired me not only to pray but to believe in the power of prayers. They taught me to slow down and enjoy my own children more. They were the reason I appreciated my full term pregnancy in it's good and bad moments. They helped me establish a new and deeper connection with my Auntie (you). They showed me a new found appreciation for life itself Your 2 little miracles are stronger and more loved then they can ever imagine. :)

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