Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spotlight on Preemies...Preemie Grandparents

Up next is the perspective of Grammy & Pop to preemie twins...


It all started at 20 weeks of pregnancy and this started the difference in Grammy and Pop Pop handling of this situation, I wanted to read and see everything I could about preemies and what week was the magic number of survival was and when I tried to talk to Pop Pop about this info and pictures he would not participate in any such subject, and I starting praying to the Dear Lord and DAD'S GRANDMOTHERS IN HEAVEN TO PLEASE NOT LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THESE BABIES. Then at 26 weeks the phone call came that Addison and Blake were coming into this world. I CAN NOT RELAY THE FEELINGS THAT THIS NEWS BROUGHT BECAUSE FROM ALL I READ 27 WEEKS WAS THAT MAGIC NUMBER SO I WAS SCARED LIKE I HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE. When my son came out of the OR with the news that they had survived birth, OVERJOY of being a grandparent crept in for a second, then the fear hit. The pictures even though I had looked at so many trying to prepare myself completely surprised me as they looked like beautiful tiny babies. Then the next day MOM AND DAD DECIDED TO LET US SEE THEM, NOTHING CAN DESCRIBE THE FEELING OF SEEING THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME, INSTANTLY I BECAME A GRANDMOM, WITH VISIONS OF ROCKING THEM ASLEEP, GOING TO SCHOOL EVENTS AND TAKING THEM PLACES AND SHOWING THEM OFF, ETC. AND A FEAR LIKE NO OTHER HIT ME AND THE SILENT PRAYERS STARTED AND THE THANKS TO THE LORD FOR KEEPING THEM SAFE STARTED AND REMAINS TO THIS DAY. IT ALSO HIT ME THE FIRST TIME I SAW THEM THAT FROM THE LOOK IN MY SON'S EYES HE WAS A DAD. The only advice I could give any friend, , neighbor, family member is to always take the time to let mainly preemie mom's talk, men just don't talk it all out like women do, You may not know all the medical stuff and what they are going thru but sometimes they just need to talk.

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