Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spotlight on Preemies...Preemie Grandparents 2

A Grandparent perspective from my mom...

My preemie grandchildren are Addison and Blake. Addison is the one we like to call our "wild child" she never sits still, is always on the go and has no fear of nothing and is a bully to her brother, lol. Blake is the cry baby he is fearful of everything but will overcome it all with just a little guidance. To me they are the sweetest babies I have ever met.

My expereince with these preemies has affected me to say that all things are possible with prayer and God although I had no fear about this one. Somehow I always knew in my heart these two would survive and strive, I knew all they needed was to hear their Mommy and Daddy's voice to give them strength. I was able to handle the NICU experience because I knew I had to be strong for my daughter, my son in law and my grandbabies. I knew I could fall apart later in my own space and believe me I did. I learned that time is most precious and enjoy ever day, try not to miss a thing. My advice to another grandparent would be to follow the wishes of the parents as they know best even though you may not agree with it, don't cause more stress on the parents. To other parents I ask them to be mindful of the grandparents as we have feelings also and although these may not be our babies they are our grandchildren and we love them just as much.