Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Friday

I know skipped a week. BUT first and for most - I've changed my weigh in day from Thursday to Sunday. For a few reasons. The biggest one being that Sunday's usually are my rest day, usually and I don't know, but Thursdays just seem so "in the middle" so moving it to Sunday just felt right.

Progress: As of this past Sunday 6/9 - I am down 3.6 (keep in mind last post I had gained 2.2 so I've lost that 2.2 plus 1.4 more) bringing my totally weight loss to 15.2! I've surpassed my most recent goal and I couldn't be more proud.

How I am feeling: Accomplished. Like I am out of the funk and back on track. I am seeing a difference in the way my clothes fit and noticing a huge difference in my stamina and endurance.

What I am doing: I actually took a huge step for me personally and went running at the park. In front of other people. With the kiddos/stroller. In the heat. LOL. I'll admit that while I am able to do more outside then I could when I started, I am not quite as good as when I am on the treadmill. That said, there are a lot of variables to consider with that AND I certainly do get a better workout running outside with the kiddos. I haven't really done C25K in about a week, but I started back with week 3 again. The first day back at it was tough and I had to slow my pace by the end of the last "jog" round (and I def cannot do week 3 outside when I've got the kiddos in tow YET). I'm going to keep at it and move forward. The weather has been pretty crappy here a few days this week so it's all indoor stuff and hopefully if the weather is nice today - I might actually take my workout back outside. I'm also doing a routine at home 3 times a day too, crunches/jumping jacks/squats/etc... that I found on Pinterest it burns 100+ calories each round and I find it keeps me going during the day.

Goals/Things to work on: My next "weight" goal is to loose another 14.8 pounds total. Taking it 5 pounds at a time though. I want to keep on with C25k and the June Ab Challenge. Sleep is STILL a struggle here, mainly because I choose to wait up for hubby to get home. But we are both working on making more of an effort to get in bed sooner when he is home at a decent time and/or days he doesn't work (aka-once a week). I need to do a little bit more work with my nutrition because while I am still sticking to my calories, I am having days where one or two meals aren't as balanced as they should be. It's a work in progress.

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