Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Because the Feeding Tube is Gone...

...doesn't mean that chapter is closed. Yet.

For those that have been following Addison's journey from feeding tube to oral eater - we are still having some drainage from her where her feeding tube once was. (It had started to heal and close but reopened a few weeks later when she got sick, and her Prevacid regimen ran out.) We have a consult scheduled with her surgeon in July and have started her back on Prevacid while applying Neosporin and covering the sight in the meantime. It's a long shot but we are hoping that the Prevacid will neutralize the stomach acid and give the site a good chance to heal. (I don't know why I didn't think of trying it again sooner.)

If this doesn't work we are hoping the surgeon will be open to trying Silver Nitrate to irritate the area and hopefully in the end promote healing and new skin growth. I was able to talk with the nurse at the surgeons office who gave me hope and said there are a few other tricks they can try before surgery - but if it comes to that, it's very simple and minor.

For now I am grateful for the Ped and the Surgeon's nurse for hearing me out and willing to give this a try. And even more thankful that this hiccup isn't effecting her weight gain and mostly doesn't even seem to bother her a whole lot. It's more of a laundry problem (and something we don't want to deal with forever. Everything else we will conquer one day at a time. In the meantime please pray that her gtube site finally heals and we avoid yet another surgery, regardless of how minor.

Here's to hope!


  1. Fingers crossed one of the surgeon tricks will work! I love these pics of Addison, her hair is starting to look so grown up!

    1. Aww. Thanks Tatum! I love love love following your guys stories too. Owen is a cutie!

      Here's to hoping :)

  2. Fingers crossed that Addison's site closes up and you guys can avoid another surgery! <3