Saturday, June 22, 2013

National ASK Day

I am a day late but yesterday was National ASK Day. National ASK Day is about guns/safety and kids. According to Huffington Post nearly 40% of American households with children have guns in the home (to read the full article click here). I won't debate gun control or other issues here. But I will say - "Yes, Yes, Yes" and YES I will ask those three questions before sending my children into any home when I do not already know the answers to those questions. I challenge you too as well.

Additionally I will share my perspective on this. Guns are not toys. My husband is a hunter and one thing that we 100% agree on is that for the foreseeable future we will not allow toy guns of any kind in our home. The only exception may be water guns which do not look anything remotely like a real gun. They will be taught gun safety and know they are not to be played with. Period. We want to train them to have a flight response whenever a gun appears. To a two year old, their tiny minds cannot differentiate between real and fake at this point anyway so to us its the safest option.

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