Monday, June 10, 2013

Here We Are!

We've been super busy around here, between therapy and hanging outside - enjoying this decent weather lately. Which, well doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of time for blogging. Hopefully you don't feel to neglected. And to make up for it I post baring photos of the cutest little twins around. (At least in my world.)

We've been exploring different parks around here and I've got to tell you - they certainly do a great job of maintaining as well as updating their parks. There are a few with in a few miles of our house that we have visited as well as a few closer to some other places we like to visit (like Cracker Barrel). The above pictures were taken one night when my Mom and Stepdad came to visit. They were actually coming to pick up my grandmother who spent a few days with me. Which was really nice so I wouldn't have to make the drive back down to MD. I enjoyed her company and it helped break up the long days when hubby is super busy at work.

One of the parks has a little pretend "car wash" that mists you with water. Needless to say it's a favorite. The tot lot is super awesome there!

Seriously -  how dare cute are they? They were holding hands while they were walking and my heart melted.

And THIS ^^^ THIS... like when did this happen. I realize many kiddos have probably already gotten this spoon thing down, but this is HUGE for Addison. Sigh - its official, they don't want need my help at all anymore when it comes to eating (making the food is a different story yet lol). Blake has been working on his spoon skills for awhile now.

And for fun... some pics of Mommy/Daughter and Daddy/Son - notice how alike Hubby and Blake are? Scary right?

I'll leave you with that for now. I know I owe ya'll a few more posts. (I am working on it. Stay tuned.)

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