Friday, March 25, 2011

Daddy's little girl...

Both babies are still on CPAP and holding their own. We met with the Neo today and he said that if all things continue to progess in the next two weeks we should be seeing babies on the High Flo Nasual Cannula (intead of CPAP) and when that happens that will also equal "real" in bottle or breast for one feeding a day to start, and it will increase from there as they learn to tolerate it. This is a HUGE step and makes for one very happy Mommy! 

You can really see how much Blake looks like his Daddy...
Daddy and Blake
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Last week Daddy held Blake for the first time and last night he held his baby girl for the first time.
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Blake made presents for Daddy's first diaper!
This is the first time Jake held her. Overwhelming feelings.
Daddy's little girl
Our First Family Photo

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