Monday, March 14, 2011

One Month Old!

I can't believe the babies are a month old today. They certainly have come a long long way since they were born and we couldn't be more proud. They are the absolute most precious miracles, who give us smiles, laugther and even some gray hair each and every day. We really couldn't ask for anything more, other then to have them home of course. 

Blake at Birth
Blake 1mth old

Addison at Birth

Addison 1mth Old
As for our post yesterday we did come to a decision on the treatment options and were set to begin those today, however the Neo that is on staff now wants to wait and get to know the babies first and really feels like we may not be quite at the point where we need to move forward. So now we wait again. That being said, my visit with the babies this morning went fairly well and both babies were behaving (which doesn't happen often.) We are working on Blake learning that holding his breath so the Pulse Ox alarm goes off is not to be used as a call bell to get ANYONE's attention. So far it's not

And now I leave you will pictures of our love bugs.


Addison waving "Hi"

Addison "Tada"
Blake doing what he does best.

Blake still sleeping.

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  1. So glad the babies are doing well! Happy one month birthday Blake & Addison!!

    Btw, I love Addison's tada pic!